The first weekend of spring has arrived!  The weather forecast calls for a mix of sun and rain but that has no bearing on my plans which is to declutter and organize!  I have in my hands Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.  This book is not quite a sequel to Marie Kondo’s first best-seller, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up ­­– it is more of an extension of her practice of decluttering and organizing.  Spark Joy is a more in-depth account of the KonMari Method of tidying and it’s filled with illustrations to help the reader visually appreciate the process.  I have finished half of this book and it has filled me with the determination to start tidying up today.  My cup of tea for the day is Kale Matcha which I found at David’s Tea.  This sharp blend is rich and delicious and will give me just the energizing boost I need to start (and hopefully finish) this task.  There is just nothing better than to approach a daunting chore fully armed with inspirational words and revitalizing sustenance.

Click on the links below for more details on both book and tea.

                                          Spark Joy                                           Kale Matcha








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