I love a good Romance novel.  The more dramatic and romantic the story, the better!  This guilty pleasure might have something to do with what a boring life I live. This week I have submersed myself into the latest book in Bronwen Evan’s Disgraced Lords series – A Night of Forever.  I have been an avid fan of this series because it involves strong lead characters with mystery and suspense and of course a happy ending!  I tend to read books in a series because I love the connection and history that the characters have with one another.  There is something cool about a new storyline and when a reference is made of a place or character from a previous book, the familiarity is comforting.  The stories that are intertwined make it all the more interesting.  I would enjoy with this book a cup of tea from TWG.  It is called Amour de The, “a sensual Darjeeling tea blended with delicate rose blossoms and leaves of pure gold.” Pretty appropriate for the romantic mood, don’t you think?  See links below for both tea and book details.

                                                    Amour de The                               Bronwen Evans


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