I am lucky that I have the luxury of enjoying books to my delight.  However, there are times when I am overloaded with elements of life – work, school, and family take precedence over reading for leisure.  This is one of those times.  Along with working a full-time job, I am taking two evening courses.  I am out of practice when it comes to studying.  Reading a novel, I am great at; reading a textbook is another story.  I take pride in the skill that I have to break down what I read to retain the importance of the content.  This process will take me longer than it would to read a Dean Koontz thriller but I know that it is beneficial for me in the long run.  As these courses come to close end, I have read and reread the chapters of my textbooks countless of times and had numerous cups of tea to help keep me awake.  I am looking forward to the end when my reward will be the latest thriller by Linda Howard and a nice fruity tea from Teavana.  Click below links for details on book (author) and tea.

Linda Howard





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