The library is one of my favorite places in the world.  I started going there at a young age when my parents thought it was the only place that five kids could (quietly) run free and (hopefully) learn something.  My little brother went directly to the comics, my eldest sister found a table to study at, my two other sisters would search out the latest magazines for the latest trends while I went from aisle to aisle absorbing as many titles and authors as I could.  We were allowed to take two books out each.  I savored those two books religiously until the due date – until our next trip to the library.  Today, I visit the library at least once a week.  I am lucky that there is a library in my work neighborhood, one on my route home from work, and one right up the street from where I live.  I have made lifelong friends with libraries and I will continue to go for as long as I could.  They don’t allow open beverages in the library so I can’t enjoy my tea while browsing for books.  It is still a great feeling to leave with my very own selection of borrowed books.  Click on the link to below to see list of Vancouver Public Library.


Vancouver Public Library


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