I have been a book worm my entire life.  In Kindergarten, I could not get enough of the Little Golden books.  I eventually graduated to the Baby Sitter’s Club series and Sweet Valley Twins series – I had to have them all.  Now, my tastes range from the latest thriller to the hottest romance novels.  I’ll throw in a book of poetry and a classic when I am in the mood.  Borrowing from the library is good and well but it is not the same as owning your own copy of a classic or best-seller.  It’s too bad that I only have so much space in my apartment for my collection of books.  If I could be, I would be surrounded by books, books, and books!  Once in a while, I would make a pile of books to donate and books to keep.  It is with a touch of sadness that I could part with any book but it is the only way that I could make room for more.  I donate to any book drive or to the nearest Salvation Army.  Along with having limited space, I also have limited funds to supplement my reading addiction.  I never buy new – used is the only way to go.  One of my favorite used book joints in Vancouver is the Book Warehouse on West Broadway.  There is a great selection of used books in good condition and the price is a fraction of what the brand new version would retail. Of course, where there is a book store, you can believe there is a tea shop within distance.  With my arm full of books from the Book Warehouse, I am heading across the street to the Pekoe Tea Lounge for a cup of creamy Earl Grey.  Clink on the links below for details on book (store) and tea (shop).

Pekoe Tea Lounge                               Book Warehouse


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